Tuesday, January 18, 2005

They say looks are deceptive, and today, another example of this in the steady stream the world has already served us: the sky is so blue, the sun is so bright, and it looks so nice outside. No. Right now it is fifteen degrees and windy, I think it may have been even colder earlier. It is painfully cold outside. But looking out my window right now, it looks so nice outside, so not painful. I was outside for maybe all of five minutes today, shuttling to and from the subway, but that was five minutes too long.

I went to the dermatologist today, realizing I needed to go ASAP before my health insurance got cut off. The Strand has still yet to do it, but I know it will not last past the end of the month, so I went and got some creams that would have cost mondo dollars without insurance and paid five for them at the pharmacy, and am going to try to use the refills in a week before my coverage ends. I am milking the Strand for every last penny I can. I called Aetna to find out about continuing my plan to be told that it will cost four hundred something dollars a month. No fucking way is that going to happen, and thus, the urgent trip to the dermatologist today, trying to go before I was cut off from my benefits.

That was the one great thing about the Strand, the health coverage (which they are in the process of rolling back), paying zero dollars to go see a bougie dermatologist on the Upper East Side each month was such a nice benefit. There will be no more of these trips on Medicare. I need to find a job with a health plan. Now that I am not going to have it, I am so worried that I am going to get hit by a taxi or something else that will be mondo costly.

I have been applying to jobs through Craiglist, starting to get slighty nervous about the approach of being unemployed. That is this Sunday, for those of you counting down at home. I just came across this low-paying job, which eventually will pay you with Lasik. This seems so wrong. Oh yeah, I applied to some tea shop with a cover letter that started with, "I love tea!" I haven't heard back from them.

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