Wednesday, January 12, 2005

an email just sent that tells more

To: Peter
From: Charlie

Peter, I shouldn't be afraid in my house. I shouldn't be afraid anywhere. This scary man came upstairs a second time and was knocking on my bedroom door. He then came to the front door and tried to tell me that his phone wasn't working and to open my door. I said, "No, you make me uncomfortable," and he went back downstairs saying derisively, "Thanks neighbor!" I wanted to tell him I was going to call the cops but I didn't. If he comes up here again, I am definitely calling the cops. Also, I went into my room through Dara's and my door was pushed in a little, but for me to lock it earlier this morning, I had to pull it tight, so I think he tried to push through my bedroom door. So now, I bolted my bedroom door from the inside also, and I don't know what to do. I am too nervous to conentrate on jobs or reading, and I can't listen to music or a movie because the noise makes me more nervous and I think it is him. I kind of wish Derek would have called the cops last night. This man is so skeez-o. Because even if I left my apartment to go do something, I would have to walk by his, leave my apartment knowingly empty where he might do something to it, and also, I would have to come back by myself to my apartment which terrifies me, you know that time unlocking my door where I am trapped in the hall. Why does he want to get into my apt so bad? What is he going to do? He is so scary. Peter, I hate New York. Let's move to the suburbs.

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