Wednesday, January 5, 2005

my first wong kar-wai

I am at work, it is almost over, and I have done practically nothing all day long. I have been wasting time online and why I didn't bother to think about updating on Livejournal earlier, I don't know. I watched Days of Being Wild last night, and it was so sad and romantic, and it was too easy to identify with the women in the movie, the women who fall for a man who is not interested. And really, I am nothing like these women at all, they are all at least originally successful and are in a serious relationship with this male before he totally spurns them. I have this problem that I am not sure if it is a problem, and if so, exactly why, but I love sentimental romantic plots, and not in an ironic way at all - instead in a way, that is almost --

Okay, I don't know where those thoughts were going, because Howard, my co-worker, fifty something years old has been playing music for us all day and now coming on blaring is the Spice Girl's "If You Wanna Be My Lover," and I haven't heard it in so long, and even still, time has not removed the humor from this song, where everyone in this office burst out giggling with that opening rhythm, realizing that soon we would be listening to the Spice Girls. I honestly can't even begin to get back on the same train of thought with this chorus of "Slam your body down, the party's all around."

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