Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I don't know if I would have loved Before Sunset nearly as much had I not been stoned while watching it, but that was how my night started, that movie and Peter and pot and beer. That movie made me giddy about life, and there is this part that stuck in my head last night when the female character says No, let's not talk about these things, What would we talk about if this were our last night alive? And yes, it's a common sentiment, living like it is the last days, but for some reason, it moved me so much last night, and all I wanted to do was to live life and talk to people and fall in love. After the movie, not ready for bed, for alone time, I corraled Peter and Joe out to the Metropolitan where we had a drink and I giggled a lot, and then I herded them both out to R Bar, a far walk in the cold night. I laughed the whole way there because I kept on insisting the bar was on the next corner for about five or six blocks and Joe and Peter were starting to doubt that the bar was actually there, but we got there, got beer, played pool, and smoked cigarettes inside because the hot bartender encouraged us to. There was this funny old man who kept on trying to talk about how he was a nudist. Hot bartender kept on having to tell him to put his underwear back on.

I asked hot bartender about this no clothes/free drink deal and he told me to strip and I did and got a free beer. Right after the beer was served to me, hot bartender came around the bar and started groping me. We then made out and dry humped in our underwear against the jukebox. I remember kissing his chest and my glasses getting in the way when we were making out. I slipped out of the tangle of bodies and made my way back to Peter and Joe, and we smoked some more pot, danced around, avoided the nudist man, and eventually left. That bar was funny. The bartender never behind the bar because he is always dry humping somewhere and this middle-aged man who kept on exclaiming he was a nudist, with a binder of nudist pamplets, and who couldn't keep his pants on. Hot bartender encouraged me to come back, which I think I will do, because bartender is hot and slutty, and because I am pretty sure hot bartender's boyfriend was there last night.

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