Thursday, January 6, 2005

my second wong kar-wei

Last night, I watched Happy Together and it was another sad romance, this time a gay one, and this time set in Argentina. Parts of it were startlingly good, some of the shots, and the character Chang who is sensitive to voices and sound. It is always so fresh to hear people say poetic things in conversation, say things that they are lucky enough to even think to themselves, but to hear them said aloud is another thing altogether. The couple smokes lots of cigarettes and are totally brutal to one another in a way that seems true and too real of how people treat people. Sometimes though, in both this movie and Days of Being Wild the shots are cut a little too fast and things go too fast, that would be so much nicer to watch if they were just a little slower, but I guess that is the trick to make you look closely, to reel you in, to , and wonder who just got hit with a bottle in that scene that was a blur. This seems to be how so many things work to attract you in this world. They don't show enough skin. They pull away from a kiss just as you want more. They slight you in attempts at conversation and you want it more, watch the movie more closely.

This job is about to do the same, about to pull away from the kiss just as I am getting into it. I have just found out that there is only a couple more days left of work here. And so tomorrow may be my last day of work here for a while. They won't have more work until the 19th and that is about two weeks without, kind of a long time to be without work, and then, it is probably only going to be about a week's worth of work. So very soon, Monday maybe, I may be unemployed and I am looking at Craigslist here, seeing horrible job after horrible job that I am not really qualified to do, and I will probably apply at some temp agencies next week if there is no work and get anxious and watch sad movies and daydream.

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