Wednesday, June 14, 2006

All right, so I am writing this from my apartment, thank God, and am not on some high speed ferry travelling from New Jersey to work right now. My mom wanted me to come back to her house after we met my sister at the airport, but since I am still a little sick and still need as much sleep as possible, I convinced her to drop me back off at home, which, I don't understand why that could not have been the original plan. It probably only added ten minutes to her trip.

But yes, I saw my sister and talked with her for a bit, which was nice, but Saturday, I promised I would come to my mom's house in Jersey and spend time with them.

But last night, man, was one of the most horrible nights I have had in the longest time. I took some Nyquil when I got home and tried to go to bed, but couldn't really fall asleep even though I was tired as all hell, and I had waking nightmares for a long while and started to see hallucenagenic visuals. I was sweating buckets. My sheets, my mattress, my comforter, and my pillow were all saturated with sweat. And then this headache started, where it felt like the sides of my head were being squeezed in a vise. Everything Nyquil was supposed to alleviate, it seemed to be aggrevating. Before I took it, I was fine. But once taken, I developed a fever, a headache like I have never had ever, and worse, I couldn't even fall asleep. I felt like I had taken some bad drugs. My jaw was aching, the muscles were so tense.

And again, my jaw is tensing up. I took one Dayquil this morning, instead of the two that come in the package, thinking first of all, that it was an ingredient in the Nyquil, and second of all, that this small a dose should not harm me, but man, I am already feeling that same sort of scary headache. I think I am done with the Quils, both Day and Ny, for a long time.

The things I thought during this fever dream were so nightmarish. It was unreal and such a horrible night. Once I get off work, I am forcing myself to take a nap and to catch up on some sleep.

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