Sunday, June 11, 2006

I am sweating and snot is dripping from my nose nonstop even though I have taken three Walitins today (Walgreen's awesomely named generic version of Claritin). I feel pretty loopy and the good news is that my throat is no longer painful and awful, just somewhat sore.

I am suppossed to go to Alligator Lounge shortly, if and when Ben calls me. And I don't know why I am going because I am already sweating from all this medication, have a weak stomach, and snot that will not stop dripping, but yet, I am so tired of being in my bed, of being on my couch, of being in my apartment. It is so hard for me to put my body into idle mode for this extended a period of time. I am ready to rage, or I want to mentally, and am annoyed that my body and mind aren't in sync, that my body is saying, "No, let's just lie in that comfortable bed." But my mind is all like, "Fuck no, what I am supposed to do there? You just sleep and lie there and I don't have anyone to talk to!" An ill-paired couple: my body, a late sleeper who wants to spend all day in bed, and my mind, so eager to get out of bed and looking at the next pillow, disgusted with the laziness of that other.

Um, I will hit the quarter of a century mark in just short of 24 hours and I am not excited about it all. Not excited because I am sick, because I have to work that day and the next one, and because 25 sounds old, like one of those milestone numbers beyond which some type of behavior is no longer acceptable.

I really shouldn't go out. Um. Maybe I won't? Fuck snot.

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