Wednesday, June 7, 2006

I did nothing to celebrate 6-6-6 yesterday in any fashion whatsoever. You can only be so ironically hellbent when you are seriously ill.

Thanks for your advice. I did appreciate it. Here is the latest since it is all I think about. I am in a constant state of physically evaluating my body and comparing those things to things researched on Google.

Last night, I got a thing of Doxycycline from Gabriel. I am not sure that this is going to do much good. Several sources from Google said that doxycycline was not very effective against strep. However, some sources (and really it just takes one source saying what we want to hear for us to become convinced) said that it was an effective option for people allergic to penicillin.

But then, to make things more confusing, I also read several sources that cautioned against prescribing antibiotics at all, that most percieved cases of strep were actually not strep at all, but a viral infection which antibiotics don't do anything for. Then, discussion of the overprescription of antibiotics and how this dangerous to the public health.

Anyways, I am taking these because finding a doctor, waiting in the office, filling out paperwork, seeing the doctor, paying them money, waiting in the pharmacy, paying the pharmacy money, that none of these aspects sounded appealing at all, and so, instead I am taking my friend's unused antibiotics and hoping that they do something.

The good news and this probably doesn't have anything to do with the antibiotics is that the white patches in the back of my throat have shrunken in size, that my glands aren't as swollen, and that it is somewhat easier to swallow. Granted, I still feel like shit. But less shitty a shit than I felt yesterday. I am going to work today and hopefully will not die.

I have this weird pimply rash at the base of both my middle fingers that I noticed when I woke up this morning. For a while, I was scared I had developed scarlet fever, but this looks nothing like that and that starts at your face and neck and spreads out. I think it is a side effect of the Doxycycline, and hopefully the only one I will experience. It's so weird and symmetrical though! Why just the middle fingers? Why not a ring finger or a pinkie?

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