Tuesday, June 6, 2006

I really don't want to call in sick to this job, since I have yet to do so, but man, I feel awful. The back of my throat is so swollen that the spit that normally flows up and down your throat, instead pools in my mouth because it hurts too much to swallow. I was woken up about even ten minutes by this pool of spit and had to decide whether to swallow (which hurts like hell), or to just spit on to this towel I put next to my bed for this purpose. I slept from five yesterday afternoon until seven this morning, and I think if anything, my throat has become more swollen.

Yesterday, before I slept I had such terrible chills that I was shivering on the street. This, in June.

Really, I think I am fine except for this throat, which forces me to make this gross, pained, spastic face everytime I swallow spit or try to drink water. I am going to take a shower and then decide what is happpening today.

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