Thursday, June 8, 2006

I promised my boss I would come in tomorrow when I went in there this morning. This morning, there was again little work to do and they offered to let me go home and I took that offer, still feeling a little loopy. And so I napped and watched this excellent wrestling documentary, The Rise and Fall of ECW, and ate lots of ramen.

I would love to talk about this documentary more because it was surprisingly good considering it was produced by WWE, one of the groups pretty responsible for nailing the coffin shut of ECW. Paul Heyman is amazing for what he did with that little league, to the heights he brought it to, and how he was able to inspire his wrestlers and his fans. He is a modern day PT Barnum, and it's definitely sad that he didn't succeed but also understandable. One of his ex-wrestlers refers to him rather as a David Koresh figure, which is also an apt analogy. He shit talks WWE a little, but not nearly as much as WCW, and it's a fascinating look at this era of mid-90's wrestling. However, it would have been so much more interesting were it not produced by WWE and perhaps a little more objective in WWE's own role in stealing ECW's talent and their TNN timeslot. It also would have been more interesting for it to have been put into a broader cultural context like the recent book Slaphappy does.

Okay, so I guess I did just talk about it. But I wasn't going to because I am still feeling a little drunk. Drunk? But you are sick, right? And on antibiotics! Yes, all very true. I went to gallery openings with the intention of not drinking, but by the second gallery, feeling fairly all right, I said that one drink would be okay, which, of course, was just opening the floodgates. I hung out with Ben and Solomon and Bonnie's friend, Matthew, and his friend, whose name I no longer remember. I drank lots of white wine, saw lots of cute boys, saw Michael Stipe with some young boy, and then had a hamburger, and am waking up early tomorrow, and hopefully feeling non-sick because I have got to go to work and be 200% for not being there all week. But Friday! It's almost here! And I am ready to cut loose!

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