Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Fuck. Very shortly, I am going to start looking for a new job, a full time one so that I can have health insurance. Not having health insurance is so scary, not knowing what to do when you are sick with something that can't just be treated with Nyquil. I have white patches all over my tonsils and on the back of my throat, which according to stuff I am reading online is normally a symptom of strep throat or tonsilitis. Other symptoms of strep are trouble swallowing, really swollen lymph glands, and one site even cautioned that if you're kid was drooling a lot, they might have strep. I have been drooling during my naps today, have swollen lymph glands, and have not even really drank many fluids because it hurts too much.

I have been trying to find some low-cost clinic where I could get a strep test but am not being too succesful. I am just trying to reassure myself that I have never had strep throat before, even though I have been convinced countless times before that I have had it, but have gotten throat cultures done only to find out that I did not have it. So yeah, I especially don't want to drop 100 or 200 to go see a real doctor who will swab my throat with a Q-tip and tell me it is just a sore throat. But the white patches! I don't think I have ever had these white patches inside my throat before. They are so scary looking, like mold growing inside of me!

Oh yeah, I called in sick today.

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