Tuesday, July 9, 2002


does this expiration date mean May 2, 2003 or May 3, 2002? I think it must be the latter because it's a carton of soymilk, and soymilk isn't made to last over a year, is it?

So anyways, I may be drinking expired soymilk right now, which is really not a problem, since I have drunk and ate far more expired things when I worked at Yes and would come across something that had been expired for a year or two. It was always like striking gold to find expired food at Yes. All the employees would get real excited and we'd gather around and test out if it was still edible, and if it was we'd laugh and pig out. I really miss Yes.

Anyways, this soymilk tastes like ass. I just went to Cub Foods on a little looting spree, and stuffed this Edensoy Vanilla Extra in my bag. They did not have Vitasoy Enriched Vanilla which is my favorite type and is so, so delicious. I just decided on this one because it was the smallest container, and it definitly is nowhere near as good as Vitasoy. Vitasoy has a nice creamy, vanilla taste it. This has a watery, rice milk taste to it. Edensoy = Not good. But, I'm probably going to end up drinking all of it anyways because I am Godzilla and will eat anything, your Japanese cities, your younger siblings, your dead dogs, anything. Look out world.

In other news, I just got an email from Rebecca saying that she for sure was going to come visit us, that she just posted something on a ride board looking for a ride from Seattle to Madison. So whoo fucking hoo.

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