Friday, July 12, 2002

The Blush Boy and Vagina Boy Cameo in this Episode of Charlie's Diary

It was already eleven o'clock and I was too worried that I would end up missing the whole show, so I wrote a quick note explaining it all to Bonnie, and then left, walked with all my energy and a decent amount of excitement towards the Terrace to see Bratmobile. I got there right before they took the stage and found a place to stand in the crowd up front. I had missed the Blush, which I was sort of sad about since I really liked them when I saw them at the Annex. But Bratmobile took the stage and ra-ra-rocked, the lead singer was dressed in real bright clothes which made me excited, since I'm sort of sick of hipsters not wearing any colors, and she danced. Boy, did she dance! She was dancing with so much happiness and abandon, and it made me realize why I love dancing so much, why I think it is one of the most beautiful and pure types of expression, but sadly, I did not have enough abandon to dance by myself. I just bobbed my head to the rockin riffs, and wished that Bonnie would have gotten back from work so she could have came and danced with me.

While I was standing, bobbing my head, loving Wisconsin, some boy walked past me and I tried to think of where I have seen him before and then I remember that he is the cool Blush boy that dances really cool, and that both Bonnie and I are obsessed with. And of course, I was wishing Bonnie was there, so I could get giddy with her and we could stare and talk about how cute he was, maybe even believing that something would come of our crush. A little while later into Bratmobile's set, I think when she was singing the real fun song that went something like:

Give me back my Cheap Trick record
Don't write a song about it, just
Give me back my Cheap Trick record!

Yeah, right during this song, this song that for some reason awed me so much, partly for its mention of Cheap Trick, and even more so because it sounded so real and it's so relatable - there are those people that you are just never going to get your cd's back from - this is the song during which Vagina Boy walks by. And, I have no idea who he is at first, I just know that I have talked to him and know him from somewhere, that feeling, you know? And so I watch him walk past, thinking as hard as those little wheels will spin who the hell this hot boy is, and then once he is lost somewhere in the crowd, I remember being drunk, being led through random streets, and then encountering this boy and his six foot tall paper maiche vagina. Again, where was Bonnie to witness another one of our crushes? Cute boys all around, a sea of them, of cute tiny hipster boys, little femme boys, little indie boys, I was in heaven but had no one to describe it to. And what would you do if you were in Heaven by yourself? Is it really Heaven if you can't share the experience with someone else, have them reaffirm your thoughts about Heaven's heavenlyness?

After the show, I was leaving through Rathskeller Hall and saw a boy in a WISPIRG shirt about twenty feet ahead of me, a tiny little boy, that I like a maniac, ran up to and grabbed, and asked him if the other PIRGers were there. After his intial shock, the look that he was about to be mugged or killed or even raped faded from his eyes, and he told me that they were still there, and he led me to where Bonnie was, who had appearantly gotten there during the last song. I was so excited to see Bonnie and talked to her briefly before I was going with the PIRGers somewhere in Mike's car. I had no clue what we were doing at all, and then we went to La Bamba's which really does have some of the nastiest burritos in the world, but I purchased one anyways just because I was hungry. And for some strange reason, I thought we would just sit down and eat them like normal people, since no one told me otherwise, but soon I was told that we were eating them at the PIRG house and that we were going to a party there. I was sort of real pissed at myself for coming with them, because the last thing I wanted to do was go to some silly party at the PIRG house. I was really wishing that I had not seen that tiny boy in the WISPIRG shirt, all I really wanted to do was just to sit in my house and read, and now I was in the tiny backseat of some silly car that was blaring loud Nelly music with too much bass and soon I would be at some lame party, listening to more music that also would not enrich my soul in the least, and probably would actually cause harm to it. I got in the house, ate my burrito cause I was damn hungry, surveyed the people in the room, none of the PIRGers that I like to talk to were there, and so I told Bonnie that I was going to leave soon.

I really do hate parties, there is something incredibly lame and forced and completely god awful about them. And when Bonnie wanted to go out back to talk to all these chachs (lame boys - a UM term that I learned yesterday from Rebecca - rhymes with crotches) who were smoking, so I just left and was going to enjoy the probably three mile walk home. And the walk was sheer bliss, it was chilly, the sky was black, and I had no idea how to get home, and I really liked that feeling of being lost and just wandering the streets. Eventually I spotted the dome of the capital and headed towards there since I know how to get home from there, and once there, I ran into Jessica, Jenna, Rebecca, and some gay boy Rebecca was bringing home to have sex with. These are the PIRGers that I like, that I think are reasonably intelligent, that don't make me want to run from houses they are talking in, run for my dear life, for the saftey of my soul. I chatted with them for a while, and then was dragged back to their house by them. The party was much more bearable with their presences, even fun. Silly talk and mashed potatos and playing with Rebecca's hair filled the rest of the night until we were kindly driven home by Megan (another bearable PIRGer), who played really fun music in her car (Sumac?), and then I came home and slept like a baby in the deliciously chilly air that was circulating around our room.

This morning, I forced myself to wake up since I had an interview with a temp agency today, and yes, I forced myself. My body did not want to cooperate with my mind's monetary instincts, but eventually I willed myself to get out of bed, took a shower, got dressed, drove Bonnie to PIRG and then went to QTI, another company with a silly acronym that I have no clue what it stands for. Probably Qualtiy and Temp or Temping. I don't know about the I though. I don't really care either. The interview and tests went well for a change, where I actually engaged in spirited banter with all the people in the office. I'm supposed to call them next week about jobs, which is very much so a relief that now I at least have some form of employment, even I don't end up getting to work that much. But of course, with everything, we shall see how that actually goes. I will just keep the good ol' fingers crossed, as they say.

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