Wednesday, July 24, 2002

whiter than whtie

Just a quick note to say that I am sorry. I am sorry because I am too cold to write this entry and need to go bundle up in blankets. But I have things to say. Obviously. Everyone does. But, I really will say them, and at the same time will encourage you to say your things, but will not conflate telling you to say things, with me actually saying my things.

These are things, but not the things I want to talk about, but things which I will list since this is my diary and all:

-Today was it was cool out, cold even at night.
-I read a lot.
-I talked to Rebecca on the phone, hatched plans which Bonnie later stomped on, and talked to Becky on IM which was really nice. I hadn't talked to either Rebecca or Becky since sometime when I was living in Virginia. The word, Virginia - the notion of home sent me into a fit of nostalgia, wanting to go home so badly. So badly.
-Did laundry.
-Went with Bonnie to Cafelli's which was more than a little out of control tonight. Things just seemed so hypersexual, like watching a bunch of people that are rolling and feeling sort of paranoid, sort of out of place. Gay Jason was hitting on and even smooching Rebecca. Bonnie was making out with any PIRGer that moved, even Mike, who I had told Bonnie on the walk to Cafelli's was so cute, and Bonnie told me that she would NEVER make out with him, that he was annoying. So that was interesting to see. I danced with this super tall Dutch-looking girl forever who was such a fun dancer. Bonnie told me that the two Mikes, Megan Ho., and her (aka Bonnie Ho) wanted to have a fivesome or whatever. I was like no way Jose, you insane girl. As much as I really would like to have sex with "Chunky Mike," I do not know about any of the others, particularly Bonnie - being in a sexual situation with Bonnie would just be so weird I think. So I fled the horniest creature on Earth, the 50 foot tall Wild Woman, otherwise known as Bonnie with some booze in her and ran and danced with the tall girl some more. Bonnie appearantly told Mike that I thought he was cute and wanted to make out with him, and I was very ready to kick her ass, when Mike kept acting goofy around me. Bonnie has this horrible habit of telling people secrets you don't want them to know. When the bar closed, I left by myself because Bonnie was getting with someone(s), which good for her and all, but for some reason that walk home was so painfully long by myself, without anyone to talk to along the way, someone to give the allusion that I am not a complete loser walking past groups, scary groups of people leaving closed bars, walking by myself, already feeling slighty lonely, but feeling it even more so when I have to walk by groups, people together interacting, looking lively, looking happy.

Oh, and is Michael Jackson utterly insane these days or what?

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