Wednesday, July 17, 2002

the people united can never be defeated

Hey guys, I have already e-mailed most of the people I know about this, but for those that read this that I haven't, I wanted to alert you to the RAVE Act (S. 2633) that is going to be up for vote soon in the Senate. What it does is alter the crackhouse laws of the 80's to allow authorties to shut down dance clubs and penalize promoters and club owners if ecstasy is used there, which is just about every dance club. So contact your senators, flex your muscles, and let them know this is bullshit, that you like to fucking dance - here's a site where you can find out more about it, and just type in your name and shit, and it will send out a from letter. How easy is that shit - you have time to do that!

And for people that don't think this will make a difference, it already has - the Washington Post is running a front page story in tomorrow's edition about how many people have already contacted their senators, about dancer kids causing a fury. Let's flex our muscle, people! If you haven't already contacted your senators, do it fucking now, instead of jacking off reading bad online diaries.

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