Thursday, July 4, 2002

down with time zones

I am a tad bit peeved right now, one- because I missed a show that I had been excited about watching all day, and two- because I am a fucking idiot and did not understand how time zones worked, and this, my idiocy is the reason I am unable to watch this concert I really wanted to watch. MTV2 taped a Roots concert, where Common and Jill Scott also played, and it was filmed in my hometown in a club I've been to so many times. It was taped at the 9:30 Club in DC, and so I was extra-excited about watching this show tonight. I found out about it on the okayplayer site, and it said that M2 was going to air it at eleven tonight, I thought that that meant that it would air at midnight since there's an hour time difference here in Wisconsin. And while yes, it is true that there is a time difference - what I was totally wrong about was which way the time went. I, mistakenly thought you added an hour in Wisconsin, but really the tv show aired at ten here. I am such an idiot, and now am all sad and will go back to reading A Wild Sheep Chase to entertain myself.

Note to yourself, here is when they reair it (according to M2's website, which for some reason does not correspond to well to the tv guide), and don't forget how time zones work next time: Tue 07/09 -12:30 AM, Wed 07/10 - 8:00 AM, Thu 07/11 - 1:00 PM, Sat 07/13 - 8:00 AM

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