Sunday, July 28, 2002

the return of vagina boy (and an instance of cock-sucking)

Another action-packed day in Madison with more drama, more activity, more fun-filled excitement contained withtin the span of hours than sometimes happens within the span of weeks in Florida and Virginia. Yes, it is really 7:30 in the morning, and no, I am not just waking up, I am just getting home and have so so much energy and will probably not fall asleep till sometime this afternoon, but I get ahead of myself, way ahead. Let's take things one step at a time. Baby steps, as Dr. Leo Marvin would say. Baby motherfucking steps.

I woke up this morning, and went to Jessica and Rebecca's house to go with them and Alex to Devil's Lake, which is a really pretty state park about an hour and a half from Madison. Riding in the car, talking, listening to music, feeling so at ease with these three people, wanted to stay in the backseat with Rebecca forever. And well, it was pretty darn close to forever, so I almost got my wish. The directions they had gotten were completely wrong, and so we got so lost, stopped at a farm, asked for directions, got them, and then finally, finally found Devil's Lake. Ate a little picnic, went swimming, and read forever under cloudy skies. It was so nice.

I was supposed to call Giancarlo early today, actually now yesterday, to make plans with him for last night. I didn't get home until about eight, and Gian had already told his friend that he would go out with him, but that he would try to make it to the Cardinal Bar to see me, since that's where Rebecca and I wanted to go. I went to Rebecca and Jessica's house for the Party Girl party, where we watched that very good movie, drank margaritas, and ate falafal. After the movie, and after seemingly endless primping by Rebecca and Jessica, we left, departed, and made our way to the Cardinal Bar, where Rebecca and I were going to try to get people to buy our drinks.

I was already pretty drunk by this point from the maragaritas, and soon with more alcohol in my system, the night just turned into an endless dance party, where really fun music was being spun, Jessica was making out with some random boy. And this went on for a couple of hours, until sometime nearing two, Rebecca and I, the only ones left - Jessica and her friend had left way earlier - the two of us sat at the bar and flirted shamelessy with so many people. I made out with a state represenative, and after doing so cheered, "Whoo! I made out with a represenative." The represenative, whose name I have no clue, laughed and talked to me more. I then started flirting with this one boy, Pete, until this hot obnoxious boy kept on interrrupting to flirt with me. I responded to this boy because he offered to buy me a drink and he was pretty hot. It was two o'clock and the bar was about to close, we went off to some table, and started making out until we left with everyone else and found Rebecca out on the street. This boy invited the two of us to some afterbar, and we of course, the lushes that we are, gladly accepted the invitation. Then, I saw Pete again and he invited me back to an afterbar too, and I wanted to go with Pete instead of the other boy because Pete seemed a little less trampy. I got in Pete's car, much to the other boy's disapointment, but Rebecca decided to not come with us and instead decided to go with random boy to some afterbar. Right now, I am really wondering what happened to Rebecca last night, if she ever made it home, and how the rest of her night was, and if it was anywhere near as crazy as mine.

After hopping into Pete's car, he pulled up in front of the club to pick up the other people he was driving to the afterbar, four more people. I decided to get in the backseat since I am fairly light, and ended up sitting on someone wonderful's lap. Can you guess who, Bonnie? You would be so excited. I sat on Vagina Boy's lap until we got to Pete's condo. I found out Vagina Boy's name is Adam, amongst many other things during our sort of flirting session in the backseat since he is straight and all. We drank a couple drinks at Pete's before we went off to some other party way out in the boonies, but not before buying some coke from someone way out in the boonies. Pete bought the coke, and soon we were snorting bumps in the car, driving to some after party at the VFW. We finally got there, and it was a little rave, outside in this field with rotating djs spinning techno. I snorted so much more coke with Pete, danced real crazy, talked to Adam forever, and then did some nitrous. There was a nitrous dealer there, with a tank, selling huge balloons which Pete also bought, and there was all these kids running through the fields with these huge, bright balloons and it looked so cute. I got beyond fucked up there.

Once the sun rose, we decided to abandon it and head back towards home, dropped off everyone until I was the last one left in the car. Pete asked me if I wanted to come home with him or if I wanted to go home. I told him I would go home with him, because he was pretty hot and I just felt like a coke whore, like I should since he gave me such coke. Whatever. I went home with him, we got naked fast, made out, fondled for a while until I sucked him off and collapsed into his stomach. We laid there for a while talking, trying to, feeling like we should since we just had sex or something. It was nice conversation, but I just wanted to go home and sleep in my own bed. He told me he voted for Bush and likes him, and I asked him to take me home, and it was totally cool and he was pretty damn hot. He had real abs, which was weird. I came home and I still am coked out of my head and am now going to read something boring until I pass out. The goddamn sun is out, and I want it to go away, to hide for just for a while, while I catch some z's. This is the worst entry I've ever wrote, I know it, I'm not even going to read over it. No need to try to be poetic, I am fucking jittery, I just had the most casual sex of my life, didn't even sleep in his bed, and got to to take me home. I wanted to sleep with Gian again tonight, but he was not there, and hopefully tomorrow we can, and he said that we for sure can on Thursday night. So whoo fucking hoo. I can't believe I went to this little rave thing, there is so much more to mention, the appearance of cops, witty dialogue with Adam, body parts touched, semen resting on bellys, cheeks also resting on bellys, buoyoncy in water, good food, feeling like I have real friends, and OC. Pete and all his freinds say O.C. all the time, meaning Outta Control, and I told them how that was insane, how O.O.C. (Out of Control) is one of my most used phrases. More more more, so much I should have said, but fuck it - maybe when I am sober and well-rested and not feeling the buzz of life, of other things, of death near - then maybe I will attempt to rephrase some of these things, word these events nicer, NICER, whatever the fuck that means, and well, fuck it, we'll see, or you'll see, and I'll do, because that's just like you to be a passive motherfucking consumer.

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