Wednesday, July 31, 2002

my future, according to MASH

Today at work, during one of the many downtimes where I had nothing to do and was not in a diligent enough mood to read Salman Rushdie, where I just needed to do something frivilous to keep from falling asleep, to keep from going insane, I played MASH. Here are the results:

I am going to live in an apartment.
Sadly, I am not going to marry Giancarlo or Justin, but PIRG Shane. He's weird.
I am going to have 3 kids.
Will drive a scooter.
Will have a pet bear.
Will live in Boston.
Will have 30 sex partners in my life.
Will die at the age of 90 by drowning.
Will be a photographer.

And to spice things up, I added some yes/no questions, which have revealed to me that I will have sex with Justin, and that I will not have sex with Shane Riley or with Andrew Hossack again.

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