Thursday, July 25, 2002

because jesus loves me

I am in the library right now because I had to print something out, and right as I was about to walk into the library, probably no more than five short minutes ago, I recognized a song some guitar strumming street musician was singing, I wavered for a second, the song resonating but not yet identifiable. And then I heard it. "The killer in me is the killer in you." Smashing fucking Pumpkins. Disarm. I sat down on a bench to hear this song, this lovely song, that I had a nostalgic fit about a couple days ago at the bowling alley, and now here it was again, presented to me as a cover by this annonymous folk singer, and here I was involved in another all-consuming nostalgic fit of ecstacy on this little bench. It sounded so, so lovely. Put me in an even better mood than I already was. And that's saying a lot because I was already in a pretty damn, good mood.

This afternoon, I called the temp agency again out of habit, expecting the same answer I have gotten everyday, the same kind sorry, but today something different happened, fate intervened, and she said that she had a job that required a three month commitment, and asked if I would be in town that long. I lied. I said yes, yes, of course. And so on Monday, I start working at some job I am going to learn more about tomorrow afternoon, but which appearantly deals with answering and researching people's questions concerning Medicaid benefits. The pay is $8.50 an hour, and it is five days a week, 8 am to 4:30, a real job, kind of - how weird. I am sort of very excited about this experiment in labor that I am about to undertake. So, that made me feel good, but what intensified this feeling all the more, entrenched it into what will probably be the future remembrance of this day as a good day, the type Ice Cube sang about, was the little trip I took to Cub Foods to celebrate my soon to be employed status. Bonnie is having a wine and cheese party tonight with the PIRGers and took our last bottle of wine. I decided to have my own wine party, to fuck Bonnie and her silly PIRGers - I yanked two bottles of wine, one of Cabernet Sauvignon and one of Chianti. In addition, I yanked a box of fried chicken, hummus, and bagel chips. Came home, pigged out on food, downed two glasses of yummy Cab and then walked to the library, so slowly, more than a little buzzed, and absolutely in love with Madison for a change, with the shit smell that I know I just complained about yesterday, with the setting sun, the pastel colors serving as the backdrop to my walk, with even the nats buzzing around my eyes, even they, in their parasitic flutter about me were lovely. I walked by the agriculture buildings and the horses were still outside, so I went and petted them for too long, watched them chomp chomp on hay, and shake their long, hairy tails.

And then I came to the library and heard one of my favorite songs sung so lovely, and today is one of the good ones. Tonight, there are two cool indie bands from the Twin Cities playing on the Terrace, Twinduster and Kid Dakota. I am going to go home, drop my shit off and then come back to the Terrace, and if that is not as exciting as has been rumored then maybe I will make my way to the Rainbow Room. Fucking Disarm, he was playing, am I living in a dream?

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