Saturday, July 20, 2002

a ja rule and mary j. blige duet

It is raining. I have mixed emotions about this. Because rain is lovely and all that, the perfect weather for curling up inside and brooding - but this is also the downside to it - that it is inside weather and right now I am most definitly in an outside mood, eager to walk miles, soak up sunshine, and feel the pulse of my fast heart, that of the world, that of you. Take a look at this picture I just took from our front window:

I will be feeling no fast pulses today - it is so goddamn dark outside and it is only 3:30 in the afternoon. I had just taken a shower since the bathroom was occupied everytime I tried to take a shower this morning. Die Shower Boy, die. Got out of the shower, perhaps spent far too long dancing around to Afropop, and then once dressed, saw the sky, the dark thing preventing me from going outside, throwing a major mokeywrench in my plans for the day, a major lugee spit into the face of my excitement. I really wanted to go check out the overhyped Maxwell Street Days to see what all this talk is about, but fucking hell if I am going to walk the two miles to downtown in a fucking thunderstorm. It is almost like I have been stood up, a similar feeling, all dressed up, excited to go somewhere, to do something, and then the sky canceled on me, leaving me here without a date, without plans, without the hoped for possibility of a goodnight kiss. Another day curled up in Babcock House lies ahead of me for the rest of the day. I guess I'll go back to dancing to this Pan-African music show that is playing on WORT right now and dance like no one is watching, because sadly, no one is.

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