Friday, March 11, 2005

After a few unanswered emails over the past couple weeks, one of them even signed "infatuated," I finally responded this morning since I do have his sweatshirt and he does have one of my favorite albums. Bonnie asked me last night if the fact that this boy (and possibly another one) clearly liked me was the reason that I was not into him, that I will only like people who do not like me. I mean it may be true. I should like Paul I tell myself just because he is a cool artist and smart. But I don't know. I just didn't feel sparks of any sort when he slept over a couple weeks ago and so I have been just trying to not contact him but sadly, we have some of each others things, and so I have to meet with him to give him back his sweater.


Sorry I haven't given you a call back. I find myself easily distracted. I started working at the Princeton Review again and so that is what has been partially distracting me, but I will give you your sweatshirt this weekend, tomorrow or Sunday.

And to answer your question, I am not interested in being anything more than friends and sex usually tends to negate that possibility. But yeah, I would be fine with hanging out so long as that is understood. I have this problem with homos where friendships might form but spending the night always happens and then I find myself distancing myself from that person never sure how to make clear without being rude that I am not interested in sex. It is why I have
so few gay male friends because sex or the desiring of it forecloses that option.

But yeah, I am going to have lunch with my mom and then am going to work so I will try to give you a call tomorrow to exchange things.


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