Saturday, March 19, 2005

All right, so I was following some links from some porn blog this morning and found photos of myself. They are really silly. Here is a clean one:

Also, following around links, I found something way more exciting - my old roommate, Colin, who I lived with on N. 1st two summers ago. I had a crush on him. He would always be passed out on the couch in tight underwear. We spent our nights drinking malt liquor, listening to rock and roll and playing Scrabble. He smoked nonstop. This was before I took up the habit of smoking nonstop. Do you know how hilirious it is to find naked pictures of your old straight roommate that you had a mild crush on? Let me just tell you, it is pretty hilirious. I think these are from a while ago. He is much hotter than these photos make it seem. I have only seen him once since we moved out of that apartment. I sort of doubt he even still lives in New York. I sometimes wonder what ever happened to him. I am wondering that again today. The atmosphere in that apartment is so vivid to me. That pink kitchen, summer heat, windows open, smoke filled apartment, loud rock music that I wasn't familiar with playing, this tattooed kid tellign me crazy stories and him shotgunning beers before he went out. New York, I wonder if I am missing something by living with these New College people, that experience of crazy roommates.

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