Thursday, March 17, 2005

My sons face became dry,flakey,and looked as if it had been burned with hot wax or something. I would not recommend this to anyone who is going to be seen in public. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT!!!!!
Tazorac reviews on

I have been reading these reviews and some have the effect of terrifing me and others then calm me. Ups and downs. Some people have no luck with it and some people do, but everyone seems to have horrible acne the first couple weeks. Saturday my face started breaking out and I was worried that the medication I had been taking (Retin-A) was becoming ineffective and I switched to this stronger prescription my dermatologist gave me when I still had health insurance, Tazorac, and right now, my face looks so awful, I almost can't believe it. Not that I have not had horrible acne before, but I thought it would slowly reemmerge. Last week and for the past couple of months my face was acne free. Today, oh my god, I think I counted thirty pimples. In addition, my face is so dry and at times, itchy. Yesterday, I had to leave work early because my face was itching and I just wanted to go home and scrub it. This site is really awesome because it is nice to hear other people complaining about severe acne, too hear people talking about how they are embarrased to leave their house, that many other people deal with the awful side effects of these medications.

I am wondering if those zits I got on Saturday would have just gone away or if this major flare-up was not going to happen anyways, or if it was indeed provoked by Tazorac. Reading all these horror stories though, I think it is the medication, and the people on this board say it takes weeks for that flare-up stage to subside. There is a Cinderella analogy that I could use here, about how midnight has struck, and I am back with my stupid old pumpkin, that I was not meant to have clear skin. This is bothersome for a couple reasons. The big one is that I most definitley cannot do sex work when I am so broken out, and I am going to need money after I pay my rent this weekend. The small, petty reason is that I wanted to go to Matt's opening next week, and don't want to go if I am going to be so pimply, so dry, so red.

But it hasn't been going on long enough to seriously effect my mood. I still am in a buoyont mood, and am trying to remind myself of inner sources of confidence, that this is a good slap to my face to not get arrogant, to not prize superficial things. But man, I don't like standing so close to my clear faced peers on the L train. I sort of hate that. I have been reading a book the past couple days on the train, losing myself in a world of text.

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