Friday, March 4, 2005

I am a lazy bastard and apparently have not done any physical activity besides jacking off for the past two months. The proof of this is that I worked a six and a half hour shift yesterday at the Princeton Review, not all of it on my feet and came home so exhausted, laid in bed massaging my feet and my legs, feeling so sore. I imagine David Brent standing over me, saying, "Pathetic," in that British accent, in that tone of dissapointment. I am working a stretch of nine days until next Saturday when I will have a day off. This is all my own choosing too since I am so broke and am trying to work as many hours as they will allow, trying to get forty in each week. In the short term, I have six dollars and fifty cents in cash, a negative ammount in my bank account, March rent still due, a past due phone bill that is getting turned off any day now, and a shocking ConEd bill that has been due for months. Tonight and tomorrow, I am going to try to do some sex work if at all possible, if it is not too late by the time I get out of work.

There is kind of good news, kind of I'm-a-dunce news from the job also. I got "promoted" to quality control which means that I now have a set schedule until at least May - Monday through Friday, 3-10. This is how this job was offered to me - with the guarantee that I would be able to get at least 35 hours each week regardless of if there is work. It's the same pay rate though, which is still a decent 14/hr, but it is also a decent bit more of work. What this means is that you probably won't be reading any of those long diary entries composed while I watched a scanner grade scantrons. Now, I am going to be making sure things go right, fixing problems, and doing database work in Excel, lots of tedious tasks that require a sharp eye, i.e. no more puncing around on the www for seven hours. I was excited about this while at work yesterday, not really thinking through the implications of this, excited to be "promoted," but now, I see that it is more work at the same pay rate. Maybe - a big maybe there - I will be able to get a permanent job there from this, probably not though, and I have to work Thursdays and Fridays, the fun gallery opening days. I still have Saturdays, but I am going to miss the Damien Hirst opening next Friday that I was really excited about going to.

Cloud Atlas is totally amazing, by the way.

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