Saturday, March 12, 2005


I am so exhausted and am still in a bit of a hangover from the activities of last night. I danced at the Slide, drank way too much rum, made lots of money, and was way out of control as I tend to get when I drink rum. For whatever reasons rum makes me lose the few inhibitions I do have, and basically, there are probably very few people that were at the Slide last night that did not see or touch my cock.

I went to the Armory Show today, hungover, and I am debating what is the best state to approach art in. Headphones are always a necessity to forget your surroundings. The choice of music is key. I have had some of best art encounters hungover because you are more sedated and your mind isn't processing twenty things at once. I also think not being sober helps when viewing art, as I have learned from enjoying works a lot more when I am at an opening and there is booze. I want to get stoned and go check out galleries soon, test other methods of viewing art.

There was some stuff at the show today that totally wowed me. The problem wasn't the stuff but seeing it. There was so much of it and people everywhere bumping into you if you stopped to look at something. Or if you were trying to move somewhere, you got stuck behind an immobile stroller. I saw so many fucking strollers at the Armory show, it made me sick. Ugo Rondinone and Marcel Dzama must be represented by about twenty galleries - I saw so much of their stuff throughout the show, and that is not a good thing for Dzama because the more you see of his work, the more cutesy it becomes. I think I might be over him.

I was shocked to see Tom Burr's "Blackout Bar," being used as a table for whatever gallery was showing it. It was outrageous and totally made the work something else, something far less awesome then when I saw it at the Biennial.

I told you I am still wiped and so I am just going to list the stuff I really enjoyed:
-Yeondoo Jung
-Michalangelo Pistoletto (I love art with mirrored surfaces)
-Juergen Teller's "Nurnberg Autumn" series
-Johan Zettequist's "Proposal No. 666" (art with a punchline surely will tire fast, but the joke hasn't worn off yet, and as of now, I really like this piece)
-James Reilly's painting of sullen kids
-Allison Smith's Muster project
-Roni Horn's "This is Me, This is You" photo series
-Nobuyoshi Araki
-and HERNAN BAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I love him so much as you may already know. He has a few paintings in the Daniel Reich booth that are lovely!)

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