Sunday, March 27, 2005

you've got to set them up

Remember how earlier today, I was recommending to you LCD Soundsystem's "Daft Punk is Playing at my House"? Well, tonight I was at a place I have done good to avoid: "Misshapes" at Luke and Leroy's. I had avoided the place thinking it was the hipster/asshole place it turned out to be, but after spending most of the night outside on a curb drinking bodega beer out of a paper bag and talking with Bonnie on the phone, I went back in, and soon after, this awesome song that I was telling you about came on. I danced like an explosion, hitting anything even semi-near to me and was pushed from direction to direction, into person after person, all the pretty little scum pissed that someone bumped into them, pushing me one way to the other, and I did not give one shit because I was dancing to this noise, this sound that fills me with (yes, I am going to say it) the spirit of God. Like someone possessed, I cannot keep it in control when I hear this, my body, my limbs move in totally opposite directions, unrestrained, all over the motherfucking place, other people, especially people with asymmetrical haircuts, beware! Because I cannot be tamed and was not and am not now as I listen to it via illegal MP3 technology. After I left the bar, after LCD Soundsystem was over and everyone I was with was ready to go, I smoked lots of pot on the street with this man with a Jamaican accent. Lots and lots. I talked to him more, tried to get Ben to come with us to some bar and then after Ben said no, left with Ben's posse toward the subway. I kicked a cab on the way and I think his posse was stunned, silenced, and all hating me. I have this song in my head and I could feel that they didn't, that they thought I was an asshole, but I wanted them to all hear what I was hearing, these delirious sounds - not only that, but to feel the things, the joy I was feeling when I heard these sounds, this song. I walked home, saw things that I shouldn't have, and didn't really care so much about perceived silences. The LCD Soundsystem was playing. Also, there was that combination, there is, of substances in his system.

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