Sunday, March 20, 2005

Ugh. Why would they remake The Office? It is so perfect, as is. I think I have to work Thursday, so I will probably miss this.

Again, I think I am working Thursday. I have been "demoted" for calling in sick on Friday, which I am actually really happy about because now I can go back to putzing around on the internet and dropping and picking up shifts whenever I choose for the same pay rate. There was never much to do in quality control. I would file papers in half an hour that everyone else would take their whole shift to file, so yeah, I am not really sympathetic to the claim that they got slammed with work because I called in. They got slammed with work because they didn't have me to do the shit they are too slow to do. I really hope that she doesn't want me to continue doing QC for the rest of this week because I was just about to tell her I needed Tuesday off and she might explode if I ask for that off.


Hey Charlie,

Hope you're feeling better.

Unfortunately, today was an absolute bitch to get under control. Whenever there isn't someone manning the Quality Control shift the person or persons the next day get slammed. And we did. Shaun stayed late on Friday and Arelis stayed late today.

As you know I come in for part of each shift and the reason I have people helping me out is so there's always someone from Qulaity Control to keep things running smoothly. I had told you I wasn't going to be in on Friday so you not coming in left us in a lurch, again.

I appreciate the work you've done for me, but I really need someone who is going to be for every shift and stay until the shift is over...I talked to Erika and she's more than happy to put you back on being a scanner.

Let us know what you want to do.

Seriously, no hard feelings.




Yeah, I am sorry. I would like to be a scanner if that is okay. That is what I had originally liked about this job, the flexibility it enabled schedule wise, and I know that that is not an option with QC, so how would this work out? Meaning basically, would the schedule I have be void as of now until I got scheduled to scan? Definitely no hard feelings, I am actually really glad about this arrangement. I really hate having such a set schedule.

Thanks and sorry again,

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