Friday, March 18, 2005

My Friday night:

I washed my face, watched bad rap videos on public television before Legally Blonde came on. I watched it, eating broccoli with soy sauce. Really into this broccoli, lying on the couch, tossing them back, balancing the bowl on my stomach. Stabbing for a piece too hard, I sent the bowl flying. Soy sauce all over me, my shirt, and the couch. It was so perfect, the splatter, the mess I made. I finished eating the broccoli before I decided to clean up the mess. I am still watching Legally Blonde. Why does Jennifer Coolidge remind me so much of Karen Black?

Saturday's plans:

Inaugural bike ride on Peter's bike and hopefully both Damien Hirst and Diane Arbus. Maybe just one. Maybe neither. Schedule some Didion in there also. Laundry?

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