Thursday, April 25, 2002

Big Brother is real as motherfucking real as real can be, and he's charging me fifty bucks

Okay, so today I was already thinking so much about how I need to not spend anymore money before I go to Wisconisn and that I need to come up with a plan for earning some money before I leave VA. I am kicking myself for not working at Yes, for being a lazy ass motherfucker and quitting when I knew very well that chances of finding another job in a month and a half were slim at best.

And so, fifteen mintues ago when my mom opened up the mail and yelled What is this? I looked, and I knew what it was. Stupid City of Alexandria. They sent me a photo of myself running a red light on 4/7/02 at 7:34 PM at the intersection of Patrick and Gibbon. Along with that, they sent me a ticket for fifty dollars! Fifty fucking dollars!!! And, I still have a $48 dollar parking ticket that I have to pay in the next week. This is making me really want to beat the shit out of a parking cop. I am just beyond fucking pissed right now about this stupid picture. How the hell is this legal? Where is the ACLU? They need to get off their fucking asses, quit defending KKK people, and do something to make it illegal to have cameras on the street.

I'm trying to think of some possible way to appeal this ticket but there really is none - too many other people have tried and failed. And then I'd have to pay court fees in addition. I wish I had money so I could fight this stupidity, but then if I had money I probably wouldn't care and would just pay the fucking ticket. Looking at this picture is making my blood boil. I seriously feel violated - like why the fuck is there a picture of my car on this piece of paper that has been mailed to me. I'm not a bad person, I didn't run a red light. It was yellow when I went through the intersection and it turned red once I got into the intersection. It's an insane street - it was Route One during rush hour and people always get stuck in the light. And goddamn, I hate the city of Alexandria. Fuck the world. I am going to go join a militia or something.

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