Saturday, April 27, 2002

buster bus

Okay, I am far too giddy right now. Whoo! And let's double that: whoo! What the fuck?, it's a good day - triple it: Whoo!

I applied for a job at the Kingstown Blockbuster since I know a few of the people that work there and I need a j-o-b. Job. Sarah and I then danced around in my car, listening to The Faint tape that I made. We then went to DQ - or for those of you not in the know - Dairy Queen, and I got a Buster Bar. And, the beautiful tall guy that rung me up was very much so smiling at me in a good way. And I couldn't help but have the biggest grin on my face. And we both had these huge grins on our faces as we checked each other out. And of course, I didn't try to talk to him because I am the biggest wimp in the world about flirting with people. And then, unprovoked, as soon as we left DQ, Sarah said that that guy was totatlly flirting with me. And so, yes, it was not all my imagination, as is normally the case. Whoo-hoo!! So DQ, I will be back for more Buster Bars - I am going to stalk this dreamy boy until I finally get brave enough to talk to him.

I came home, ate some really good cheese bread, and started to read about Islam in my room when the phone rings. And who is calling? William!!!! I jumped up and down in my room, and thought, whoo, the bitch called!!!! I just spent about an hour on the phone with him, having a conversation that was only occasionally awkward. I'm such a snob, and I realized this as I was talking to him - as he was talking to me - and with each statement he said, I realized how much I probably would not get along with this boy. He's 24 - he graduated from VCU two years ago, yet he's still living at home and taking art classes at Mason. And then, he told me how he doesn't like concerts because he thinks they are scary. But the worse was when he said that Sarah and him were going to have a "Trading Spaces" party tonight. Granted, I have never seen the show, but know what the basic premise is from my sister, and know that it is on TLC - my self-hating demon came out as I thought about how gay a thing that was to do. And, he was not watching the show mockingly. He really enjoys it. My sister has told me how dumb all the people are in her hall who watch the show, and so I am a bit worried. And he talks so slowly, blurring words together in a way that can only be characterized as a gay affectation, which I most likely also have, but just hearing it was annoying me so much and thought about how faggy this boy was - and shut-up you asshole, I know that by most deinitions (okay, all) I am a faggy boy. But whatever, the conversation went pretty well, save for the times when I got very manic speaking about some things, like my love of Brucie Bruce. Since he's a very slow speaking, sedate boy - he seemed slightly put offish by my rantings, but I guess not that much, because he wants to get together for coffee on Monday. And whoo-hoo!! Maybe the caffeine will get his heart pumping and make him more lively.

And as if that is not enough excitement, there is an almost empty bottle of Tequila and an almost empty bottle of Vodka that Mary and I will soon be trying to get drunk off on our way to The Faint concert tonight at the Black Cat. Whoo!!!!!!!

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