Tuesday, April 2, 2002

line breaks are for bad writers and self-described poets. oh wait - those two are the same thing.

since january i have been wearing glasses - that is up until about a week ago when i finally got my contact prescription refilled and now feel like a normal non-glasses wearing person. like a different person. glasses create such a persona. so many people at work have commented on the absence of my glasses and i tell them that normally i don't wear them. four eyes to two - winter to spring - green buds and blossoms on trees - also erections in jeans. and is your pussy wet this time of year? the life force is returning - trees are jizzing up little green buds of early spring life and things are looking wonderful. and can you tell that i'm really into henry miller right now?

what's your name,
i mean

don't i?
glasses with a cool blue tint around the lining
i hope you didn't think i was trying to look into your eyes

actually i don't care if you do
cause i was
-but the glasses were cool too.
you are thirty plus but such a fascinating seeming man
you asked me about a burt's bees ad
and i did my best to respond trying to sound intelligent
think think think
said some thing (possibly things) about marketing class and yuppies

and you didn't seem that impressed

you had a blockbuster video and i kept peeking to see
what video it was
and then i got a glimpse and saw:
queer as folk season 1

pit a patter a tad bit faster

and i got so nervous
and shook - goddman did i shake
like nothing else
my hands trembled as i handed you your change and i don't know why
i get so intimidated around people i find dreamy

but yeah

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