Friday, April 12, 2002

one more time

"one more time - i got to cell-la-brate." and i think a year after it came out and i heard gina crash making fun of it on whfs' transmissions, i actually am not only liking and appreciating new daft punk, but fucking loving it. i really wish i had the album to listen to right now.

if anyone wants to be my boyfriend and has a copy that they want to burn for me, i would love you forever and ever. other things that will make you my boyfriend, or if you're not interested in all that commitment, i will "reward" you with sex:

-if you know someone that works at blockbuster, or even better, if you work at blockbuster, i will mail you my blockbuster card and you can erase the $12.20 fine that i owe.
-the same for someone employed by the fairfax county public library system you can erase my way more than $12.20 fines that i have racked up there.
-okay, those are the only two i can think of. but actually, i don't know what the fuck i am talking about since really i will be your boyfriend even if you don't do any of the above things, i am Lonely right now and very much just wanting a person to ameliorate my feelings of loneliness. whoo for "ameliorate" - in high school, some silly SAT prep company sent me two sample flash cards of their set, and one of the flashcards was "Amelia Earhart ameliorated the status of women in avaition." And, to this day, i remember that card and as a result remember the word "ameliorate."

i wish someone would also ameliorate my employment status. (okay, perhaps that is not the best usage.) today, i am without a job. one more time. celebrate. i am a big fat lazy slob. one more time. without a job. a lazy fuck. come on and celebrate. will have to hit the streets one more time and go jobhunting. all right, come on and celebrate. music's got me feeling so free, but then the song ends and economic chains reappear. come on and celebrate. got to work to gets paid. one more time.

today i didn't feel like going to work in the morning so i didn't go, and worse yet, did not bother to call. slept in. masturbated twice. watched julien donkey-boy, which i hated for way too many reasons. thought about paying to see a fat man at the minnesota state fair when i was a kid, and that this was way too similar an experience - just as horrible and exploitive - except worse - because it had artisitic pretensions up the wazoo. the fat man was better in so many ways, and there was a cheese curds stand near there. mmm, cheese curds - i wonder if i can find those in wisconsin somewhere.

went and played at mary's tonight. got drunk off of stolen wine, played trivial, read the citypaper, danced around to music videos, and watched real sex.

tomorrow, i have an interview at one at some "market research firm" aka telemarketing without balls. one more time. come on and celebrate.

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