Monday, April 8, 2002

written to the the sound of Maxwell's Unplugged album, with an awesome cover of NIN's "Closer"

at work they changed my schedule so that i now for the most part work the 8-4 shift, meaning i have to wake up at six.

today, after work and after walking around dc enjoying the weather, i got on the metro to go home and fell big time asleep even though the metro was packed to the brims. luckily, i somehow got a seat, cause otherwise i would have passed out. all i remember is an old woman talking to me to confirm that she was on the yellow line, she started reading her mary higgens clark paperback and then at the end of the line at huntington, with the train pretty much empty, some kind woman nudged me to let me know that we were at the end of the line. the sleep was a delirious haze of obliviousness to the facts, the reality, the world - to the lack of sheets. waken up by mommy. time for school. and just a little more sleep. please.

and she said, "end of the line." what a scary thing to be woken up to. some boys like grim reaper tattoos. these boys, from my own encounters with them, have tended to have long hair. but, the correlation could just be coincidence.

anyways, it is time to go rest up for more skirmishes between the world of sleep and awake that promise to transpire in a short seven hours, when i have to wake up for work.

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