Thursday, April 11, 2002

it was blue and i think it was a toyota - he had blonde hair

drinking valerian tea with the hope that it knocks me out soon soon soon so that i can sleep sleep sleep so that i can wake up at six to work work work.

my body looks like i have been attacked by a vicious cat. scratches everywhere. redness. little bumps. i rolled down a big hill with mary last night and have been itching horribly ever since. god, i hope this is not poision ivy. god, i am glad i wore my underwear, cause otherwise this could be worse. much worse.

saw amelie again tonight with sarah and it is still the cutest movie ever. made me want a boy even more than i already did this afternoon. which by the way, was a fucking lot, thanks to the fours hours of queer as folk i watched, checked out from hollywood video, where i also rented julien donkey-boy and managed to steal a dvd of mulholland drive, cause the shit cost forty bucks. but anyways, watched so much gay tv today, which made me sigh, "aww" a lot and "that's soooo cute," saying it at all of the romantic parts and boy oh boy i want a boy to wrap my arms around.

oww, i just took like a five minute scratching break, and i am in such pain. this is definitly poision ivy. or that grass had a scary amount of lawn chemicals on it that is now slowly eating away at my skin. by morning, i will have bled to death in my sleep. this will be so embarassing if this is poision ivy and i have to answer my mom's questions about how i got poision ivy on my stomach.

so yeah - amelie rocked. i was boy crazy. and afterwards, me and sarah stalked a car with a gay boy in it that i thought was real cute. the passenger of the car noticed that we were staring into the car and following them and hung out of the car to talk to us. me and sarah chickened out and drove past them only to slow down and stare some more. and then they went down a different road then us. and yes, i am still without a boy, but still boy crazy, and maybe tomorrow at work, some dashing lad will come wisk me away from my increasingly banal life, and goddamn - i have to go to bed and see if i can find anything to stop this itching. and apoligies to the few of you readers - i am itching like crazy and am not too concerned with writing well.

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