Friday, April 5, 2002

where is connecticut?

wow, jasmine has been talking about her banner in her diary and now i see her banner above the box that i am typing into and i think that that is so funny. little jamsime's diary is being advertised on the big ol' diaryland.

i got an application to live in this house in madison over the summer at least a week ago, with a note saying please return asap, and i have still yet to even start filling it out. i keep getting distracted. tomorrow morning i will do it. i will.

right now i am capital t tired. i went to mary's this afternoon at about seven and we decided to go see a comedy show at the improv on conneticut ave. that started at 8:30. drove around dc, searching frantically for conneticut, getting stuck in traffic circles, and just feeling lost and impotent. at nine, we decided that it would be too late to get into the show anyways, and tried thinking of another idea. somehow ended up back in va. dc roads didn't like us and spat us onto 395. turned around in shirlington, headed back to dc, and i suggested bowling. i really wanted to go to this new bowling alley, strike, in besthesda, md. more lostness. more tiredness. more carsickness. passed it big time. backtracked big time. spot it. run in so relieved. and godfuckingdamn it all to hell are you fucking kidding me? why do we have to be 21 to bowl? this is bullshit.

not even allowed into the bowling alley by the bouncer, mary looked like she was going to strangle me since she had to pee for the last two hours and now we were back in the car. she screamed and pulled her hair and i did too. and yes we got lost some more, and were thinking of going to wet to see naked boys cavort on stage but were too fed up with dc roads and decided to head back to good ol' va, but not before circling this one block a couple of times to stare in fascination at some really hot prostitutes who were standing on the side of the road.

back at mary's apartment, ty was watching softcore on hbo. dude, they have digital cable with 400 stations, and all these music video stations, that play GOOD music. bon jovi. heart. guns n roses. and paul simon's "me and julio down by the schoolyard." who even knew that that had a music video?

ty and mary are cartoon characters. they're so vain and insane and not even joking about acting like divas. and ty modeled his new prada shirt that he bought today, and kept asking if he looked good. he then asked me if i would be his boyfriend. but he's ty and wasn't serious even though he acted like he was. and i said sure. and he, (being vain remember) asked me if i thought he was attractive. i said sure again. and somehow this led to us wrestling and grabbing each others cocks and yelling real loud and sticking fingers up each other's asses. and mary was screaming, ty don't rape charlie. and me and ty were screaming and throwing each other around letting out our sexual aggression, both of us sexually aroused, but it was all okay because we were just joking and wrestling. and then mary called her boyfriend and the doorbell rang and rang. and i peeped through the peephole and some scary truck-driver type of dude was outside the door and we ran up the stairs and hid. and it rang again and again. and i ran and peeked again. and then me and ty ran upstairs to hide in his room. and i predicted something bad happening - something sexual between me and ty and no, no, no - that will never happen - so i ran downstairs to peep again, and yes the scary guy who was probably complaining about our noise was still standing outside the door.

and ty and mary then smoked and i lied around on their living room floor, which is still completely furintureless and marveled at modern technology that allows rod sterwart videos from the seventies to come into peoples living rooms for their viewing pleasure. and then tired and hungry and getting bored with mary and ty's conversation about some dance competition that ty and mary's boyfriend john are in this weekend, and which i am being forced to go to by mary as punishment for the four hours i made her suffer in the car today, i decided to leave the madness and head home.

and when i left their apartment, i saw a ticket under my windshield wiper cause i parked right in front, which i guess is a fire lane, but it was late at night and i was only there for an hour or so, and goddamn i hate traffic cops. a $48 dollar fucking ticket!!! $48 fucking dollars!!! shit, i don't want to pay that. am considering appealing it, but you don't even get to go to court in the city of alexandria, you just go to the parking office and appeal to some adjucator whenever you want in the next 30 days. and goddamn, how am i going to get off parking in a fire lane to some adjucator? fucking shit.

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