Saturday, April 20, 2002

I am a Palestinian

And you are, too. And that is such a wonderful thought. I feel so so good right now. Today, I went to the Pro-Palestine rally and march in DC. Surrounded by 40,000 like-minded people. So many ages and races. All chanting and singing and dancing together, exhausting our vocal chords and bodies, knowing that we are all Palestinian - all "brothers" and "sisters" - and I really love the Muslim practice of referring to people as "brother" and "sister." And it felt so so good. And I got to use my recently learned ability to say "Peace be with you" in Arabic so many times today, exchanging greetings with so many wonderful people. All of us Palestinians. I believe the term is oneness.

And perhaps in a more pruient vein, I saw so many cute hippy and indie-looking boys everywhere that I wanted to jump on and smooch. How about you cute hippy boys make some love and not war to me, eh?

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