Thursday, April 25, 2002

I'm sort of mad because I was watching Rosemary's Baby and it was a DVD, and it started skipping an hour into the film, once I really liked it, and wo

Okay. All right. So, I heard this story on All Things Considered this afternoon about this kid,Matt Savage, and I want to share it with the world. The kid sounds so cute in the interview. It's about this autistic 9 year old that is a jazz pianist, and it made me so happy.

Okay, so the sky was blue today. Blue-er than I, at the time, believed I had ever seen it. But now, I'm sure that I probably must have thought that a thousand times. Nonetheless, it was a splendid sight that made me feel alive. Just about everybody wears glasses or contacts. We are a nation of blind people, who all sat far too close to the television in the dark as kids, or whatever it is that now causes us Americans to depend upon pieces of glass and plastic that refract light just for us to see normally. So, most likely, you have some vague memorey of the first time you got glasses. When you placed them on after they were fitted, and you looked around the mall or the doctor's office and were completely and utterly amazed at how clear everything seemed. The lights no longer had trails. They were bright bulbs. How focused the world was - things became distinct and no longer were one big blur, tables blending into floors blending into walls. The slight of hand that made it seem that the world was one united mass with fluidity between objects, was revealed for what it was - a slick effort by those metaphysicalists (or your imagination (or perhaps they're the same)). Things looked brilliant through your new pair of glasses. The world, a cross-stiched beauty. It seemed new and you seemed alive. And, that is how today felt. Everything looked crisp. Perhaps blue skies and brightness refract the light in a certain way. Or, perhaps we are just chemical feinds and love the feeling of whatever hormone is secreted when we see lots of light and our pupils shrink to tiny dots.

Yeah, so spring is here and as a result, I am beginning to remember that I am too.

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