Saturday, July 16, 2005

I got there right before Dressy Bessy started to play last night. I spotted so many people I knew in the crowd - all of them homos, all of them living in Brooklyn. I said hi to some people and then got close and even though no one else was dancing for the opening act, I just could not help it. They were really good. Or, I thought so last night. I wonder if I actually heard their album if I would still like them. They are this really perky indie pop band and really good with their guitars. It was impossible not to dance.

The Hidden Cameras came on next with what if my memory is correct was seven musicians in addition to Joel Gibb, who I have only seen bad photos of, but who in person knocks my socks off with his dreaminess. Tall, skinny, brown hair, pretty nose. I stood right in front of him the whole show and danced and danced. I am not sure how the crowd reacted, if people were dancing because I was right against the stage and wasn't looking back. At first, I was almost dissapointed because Dressy Bessy had been so tight, so loud, so rocking - and now here was THC playing these loose songs sans rocking guitars. By the time they played their third song though, they became a lot more rocking. They played two songs for their encore and brought out a dancing mummy for those two songs and also tried to lead the audience in this dance that resembled the YMCA dance too much for me to do it without feeling like someone drunk at a wedding reception. I don't remember what that first song was, or maybe I don't remember what the second encore song was. But one of them was "Breathe On It," which I love, and which, obviously I danced to - trying to ignore the asshole who came up next to me and Bonnie and started screaming non-jokingly for Gibb to show his cock, and who was waving his hands in front of Gibb trying to get his attention as he was singing his song. I really wanted to punch that guy. Really hard.

I felt so good when the show was over, not really sick, and I sweated so much during the show and I wonder if I danced away, heated and killed all that nastiness in me.

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