Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Yes, she reported bogus claims of Iraqi WMD's in the paper of record, giving Bush's claims validity and pushing us into war, but today, she has redeemed herself and she is my hero of the moment. She is locked up until October for refusing to name her confidential sources and holding the line, the only one (her and the NY Times) holding the line on the freedom of the press. With Time and Cooper caving in, her refusal is all the more noble and inspiring, especially since she will be serving in one of the scary DC area jails. There is not enough resistance to bullshit and fuck yeah, Go Judy Go!

I went to a bunch of galleries today, saw some good stuff, saw the Momus stuff and seemed to be just a little behind the trail of Jerry Saltz. In just about every gallery I stopped in, his signature was only three people ahead of me in the guestbook.

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