Sunday, July 24, 2005

My windows are closed now and that mild breeze that I was enjoying so much yesterday is no longer circulating through our apartment. There was a cartoonishly large and terrifying wasp making a nest or making babies, thousands of scary wasps right inside our living room window. This wasp was so big, about as big as the small mouse that also inhabits our apartment, but which I don't mind, which doesn't have my heart beating ready to lock myself in the hallway. Wasps are so scary because they move so fast and look like some horrible combat aircraft ready to strike and bomb villages at any second. This one was smart and knew the layout of our apartment. It would fly in through the living room window with whatever it had gathered, work on its construction right above the window and then fly through the living room, into Jillian's room and out her open window, only to come back in the living room a minute later to build some more. Terrified beyond reason of this thing after it made a circle and exited Jillian's window, I ran and closed her window and then ran back into the living room, shutting the window here, but so terrified the wasp would beat me back and see me attempting to close the window and fly through the closing window, sliding right under before it shut a la Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom - and then it would know what I was doing and attack me over and over again. Luckily I beat it back, but I am so scared that it will find a way in somehow. It is trying its best, menacingly hovering in front of the closed living room window, looking for a way back in. I sprayed roach spray on whatever it was building and if it makes it back in, I am dead. This wasp is so scary.

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