Wednesday, July 27, 2005

more questions than answers?

So yes, I did half-heartedly try to convince Ben to make out with me. He politely declined. Is there such a thing, polite dismissal? And yes, Matt was there again, perhaps being the reason all I wanted to do was make out with someone. I talked to him briefly, embarrassingly, and made lots of eye contact with him, that was responded with a roll of the eyes dismissal. Um, I ended up hanging out with Cassandra and Radha after Ben, Solomon and company left - and that was mildly weird, but still fun - and I was about to make out with this boy Quentin, but some ho beat me to it, and then Quentin's fag hag, left alone, kept talking to me, telling me how much Quentin should have made out with me. That, most definitely weird. Oh yeah, no Depeche Mode at all at motherfucking Metropolitan. But obviously, that one Shangri-las song that I sing pretty much every time I go there because it is the only worthy song in their pathetic selection. Let's not talk about me trying to do "Edge of Seventeen", okay? Um, why this Matt obsession? Blame it on the hands - talking to him, I stared at them, imagined them gripping his cock or mine, such long fingers, short bitten nails, so pretty.

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