Thursday, July 14, 2005

Last night, I talked to people and didn't talk to people. I talked to Jason Trachtenburg for about ten minutes late in the night on Avenue A about Dunkin Donuts, New York, his in-laws, and the neccesity of creating art.

I did not talk to my crush at No. 1 Chinese, but I did post a Missed Connections today lamenting that fact, only to get my first ever email response from someone I wrote about. He wrote back a pretty sarcastic email that sounded like I probably wouldn't actually like him if I ever talked to him, but I emailed him back and divulged my identity, and now, I am going to have my avert my eyes every time I run into him.

There were probably more people talked to than people not talked to. Bonnie got in town last night and I am so excited that she is here for a few days. Obviously, she was one of the ones - one of the many - talked to.

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