Friday, July 15, 2005

This is the state I am in: I just finished eating a bowl of pasta here in the living room and went to put the bowl in the sink, and found myself walking to the bathroom sink asking myself what I am doing. I caught myself and went and put the bowl in the kitchen sink.

That is the effect of not only a cold, but an exceeded dose of Theraflu, aspirin, and Claritin (really Walitin because I am cheap). And I am supposed to leave my house in minutes to go stand in the Bowery Ballroom for a couple of hours and try to hold back my snot and not crumple on the floor in tiredness. I was going to try to rest tonight so that I could be in top form tomorrow, or at least no longer sick, and have fun at the Siren Festival, but Dara got a ticket today and then for some reason couldn't go, so now I am going to see the Hidden Cameras, who I love, but not when sick. Sickness, be gone.

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