Thursday, July 28, 2005

urban pent up

Man, I am in love with all these people that are in New York right now, Ben, Solomon, and company. I am sure there are lots of reasons, me getting tired of hanging out with the same people all the time, the change of vibe, how they love to dance and drink. All great things. This is why New York is awesome because even if you are sometimes bored and not in love with all your friends, there are always visiting out of towners from your past just about every other week.

I just recently, an hour or so ago, started to feel non hungover and as soon as my hangovers recede, my natural energy comes out in force from its long slumber and I get really giddy and excitable and of course, want to go out again, which very may well happen it what, two hours, if I am to take advantage of one of the four open bars I know about tonight. Nick Zinner and one of the Bloc Party guys are djing at one of those bars. At a different bar, one without an open bar, but free, Diplo is spinning and rumor has it that MIA will be there. I have been listening to lots of oldies all day today and yesterday and it really is so beautiful, this sound. Chubby Checker, Little Richard, Dee Dee Sharp and her Mashed Potato. Sometimes I really wish I grew up in this era, the 45 era with dancy songs with lots of harmony. I want to be one of those dancing kids and twist. I think some people view then as dated, restrained, and uptight. But these songs make me want to dance in ways that rarely anything put out today does.

Isn't music the best?

Also, I mean, I am excited that No. 1 Chinese seems to get more and more word of mouth, but it's already so hard to get drinks at the open bar, I really don't want it to blow up, and I do not want a bunch of straight nellies there. There is already Boysroom a couple blocks away for those yuckos on Wednesdays. There is a really nice write-up about last night on MyOpenBar that makes me worried it will attract a lamer crowd there. That site also has some pictures of last night with a comically dazed looking Ben Haber. Also in that set are pictures of two boys I am sort of in love with. Um, very last picture, yeah, so dreamy.

And yes, I have finally made it on that site, and I have mixed emotions about it, like I am sort of excited and also sort of shamed at feeling some excitement inspired by vanity. And thank god, he didn't post the naked pictures for every single scenester in New York to see my penis. I mean not like it's not already visible in other places, but it would definitely have been a little weird.

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