Tuesday, March 12, 2002

ate produce and produced this for you

i get to take home lots of unsellable (but still eatable) produce from work, and i have made so much salsa since i started working there. today i purged our fridge of all the produce since it was all about to go bad. i made a huge bowl of yummy green salsa and attempted to make roasted eggplant. i am sure i did something wrong, because the eggplant looked yucky and it didn't taste all that great either, and now my belly is feeling weird.

i woke up this morning. it was a gray drizzley sort of day. a perfect day to do nothing but masturbate and sit around all day. i made a trip up to mvc, the scary porn store that is right on route one. getting out of my car, i was so sure ten thousand people i knew would see me going into mvc. i walked quick. i don't know why but i was sort of embarrassed to buy a gay porn because the guy working was this scary, burly man. and, i also think straight porn can be pretty damn hot. so i bought this 5.95 video with "2 hours" of big cocks. the cocks were notthat big, but the video was still okay enough to occupy most of my morning and early afternoon.

i e-mailed a bunch of people about living in madison over the summer.

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