Sunday, March 10, 2002

she looked like gwen stefani and for some reason, she even sang "hey baby"

okay, i am writing this quick so that i can try to fall asleep to wake up at eight motherfucking o clock for work.

tonight, i went and saw the ever so lovely miss nelly furtado perform at the 9:30 club with sarah. she also played last night, and we tried to go see her last night. but, the show was sold out and no one was scalping tickets. so, sarah today found someone that was selling them in maryland and went and got the tickets and paid a ridiculous amount of money for them. an amount which i will not even mention because i feel so guilty about spending that much money on a fucking concert ticket. i always feel quilty about spending money on anyting that costs more than ten dollars - like i am throwing money away that i have worked too hard for on such silly things, when i know i should be throwing money at good stuff, like homeless people (right bloodysundae?). and that's serious. that is seriously what i think about. i do some schindler economic thinking, estimating all of the "good" things that that money could have bought.

anyways, we paid about three times the price of the actual face value of the tickets, but whatever, we got to go see nelly fucking furtado and it was worth it. for the most part.

i am thinking that i sort of hate the 9:30 club - that the people that go there do not neccesarily go there for the music. the people are dressed a little too well. future yuppies of america all holding a bottle of beer. so much sleazy flirting going on all around me. god, these are such trashy people. sarah and i tried to move closer to the front before nelly took the stage but were roadblocked by a pack of girls that would fit all to neatly into that high school bitch category. the leader of this pack of evil girls with really straight hair told me, "stay there." - meaning that i was not to move up any further. i was not in the mood to be sassed by some smartass eleventh grader with a fake id. we exchanged words and insults, before i finally moved to the other side since these girls were not about to let us by.

sonically the show was not that great. they could have spent a little more time doing sound check. you could barely hear nelly's vocals over the horrible back-up band that was playing with her. but, there was a bried interlude with really fun songs that nelly and male back-up dancers pranced around to - "that girl is poison," "jump jump," "real love," etc. the crowd was really too cool to dance, but that did not stop me - i had already decided that i hated the entire crowd. the entire crowd. no fucking exceptions. they were all assholes. excpet for of course the cute hippy boy that i kept staring at.

lots of fun dancing. me and sarah weren't to concerned about looking silly. we pretty much already looked a little too grungy to be with the rest of the crowd, what's the fucking difference if we got some stares for our shaking our asses?

after the show, everyone is piling out. i spot the bitchy girl who roadblocked us. i go up to her, tap her on the shoulder, she turns around, gives me that what-the-hell-do-you-want look, and i stare her down for a breif couple of seconds before saying, "stand there," while pointing to where she was standing. she looked like she was about to bitchslap me, and so i ran and me and sarah hid in the mass of departing people. they came. they saw. they (conquered?). and now they were all too eager to leave, none wanting to be the last to leave the party. slowly funneling out of the tiny doors with pushes and shoves. not exactly gentle. not exactly loving.

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