Sunday, March 17, 2002

jimmy fallon loves jimmy dean sausage

or so i would like to believe. it is probably not the case though. ian mckellan talked about jimmy's cuteness during his opening monoluge on snl tonight. during weekend update, ian asked jimmy if he was gay - jimmy was silent for a while before laughing and saying no, real cute. after ian's little bit, he asked jimmy to give him a kiss goodbye, turning his cheek to him. when jimmy, the gentleman that he is, did this, ian turned about and gave him a big smooch on the lips. i don't feel like this was scripted because jimmy and tina just looked very flabbergasted. but it was so cute. and made me love jimmy even more and made me so envious of ian mckellan for getting to smooch jimmy. that is all i would like to do. jimmy then ad-libbed something like, -uh, i think i've just been knighted [and then he thought of something more clever], or i think i've just been queened. and then tina gave him a-stop-there-before-you-say-something-homophobic-if-you-haven't-already-look and it was so cute. and jimmy, when are we going out on that date?

craziness at work: gary only speaks korean and english so he was unable to converse with "the chinese mafia," whom he bought the store freezers from. the freezers were not working, gary had just spent most of the morning on top of the roof trying to fix them. cathy speaks chinese so gary had her serve as translator in a very comic situation. freon was the problem.

more: i was glancing around the store and i made eye contact with this man that was checking me out sort of and we both smiled realizing that we were both gay i guess. and then i was running to look at something - maybe horseradish - and i ran past him and i think he thought i was coming to talk to him. because he sort of extended his hand and asked me how i was doing. i was just so confused by the whole thing and still sort of intent on whatever i was running around to do. i sort of ran by him and stopped and said goodhowareyoudoing real fast and real awkwardly. and that was that and i sort of kept on running to the horseradish and it was just very weird indeed. but it made me so so happy and kind of confident that some boy tried to talk to me, since no one ever has. and i was sort of upset at my complete lack of even the slightest bit of suaveness. ricko, i sure as hell am not.

sharon, the deaf girl that got hired about a week ago, somehow really annoyed cathy by talking on her instant messenger all day - and cathy started yelling at her and they sort of got in a fight. and then cathy called gary to complain about her bad work ethic and then she was fired. and she told cathy to "be careful" as she was leaving. and it was all sort of real tense and weird.

even more: a black woman lost her credit card on the street and some white couple brought it in and handed it to me, saying that someone dropped it. i just set it down, forgetting about it, but zenith asked me whose it was, and then the aforementioned woman overheard us and it was her card, and she started screaming about how happy she was. and she was going on and on, basically flipping out. she was yelling about how nice this was, seeming like she was going to cry. she then wanted to know who turned it in. did i remember what they looked like? were they young or old? male or female? black, hispanic, white? then, i was like, well they were a white couple. and she yelled, i love white people, and wanted me to make an announcement to see if the people were still in the store because she wanted to thank them. they magically appeared and she went on for about five mintues ready to cry - about how nice that was of them not to just go use it - about how much she loves white people. and it was definitly the hardest i had laughed in a really long time. she was just such a funny girl.

yep, more: nisaki is selling homemade pies at the eastern market and i talked to him, and he told me that he was so glad he quit yes, after i told him about it how everything was there now. i told him who worked there, and he told me that everyone that works there are women except for me. hah! i love it when i'm referred to as a man, because more often than not i am referred as girly and not a man. but yeah, he's selling pies. i didn't buy one but i did buy a plum from an old man.

yep: is this a red or white grapefruit, he asked. i didn't know. i asked john the nut from boston, who will get his own entry very soon, and john in the thickest of boston accents said that he didn't know and was going to slice it open. he like a maniac went on a mission to go slice it, and the customer said, if they have wild hair, they are wild people. i love these little bits of wisdom i randomly get at work. he could not have been more on the mark about john's uncombed, dandruff speckeld, kramerish frizzy hair. and i laughed maybe even harder than when i listened to the credit card woman.

laughing makes things so much more fun. last night, i saw monster's ball with sarah, and it was a pretty full theater, yet everyone was in the mood for laughing, and when one person laughed at an inopportune melodramatic moment, soon someone else would, and then some more people, until half the theater is laughing at some one dying. and it was so much fun. the man right ahead of us was the giggler who started the whole thing who could not stop laughing even though he tried so hard. but, it was his trying not to laugh that made his laughter all the funnier. and some people would stare real upset that someone was not taking the silly movie and histrionic acting seriously. laughter! goddamn, how rude! people can get so offended by something so innocent as laughter and i spent a goodwhile thinking about this last night but am too tired to recount it since i have to wake up at eight for work. but basically, laughter at a work of art sort of degrades your interpretation of it, if you actually took it seriously - like laughing at the work is by extension laughing at your interpretation and your tastes. this is also related to the phenomenon about people getting upset if someone they like hates a band that they love. it's like a personal affront. laughter is so powerful. it completely erased any power that that film had. laughter as a method of resistance. and so people that wanted to empower the film and grant it meaning were sort or real peeved by all the laughing.

oh, and did i mention that jimmy fallon kissed a boy tonight? he's so my boyfriend.

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