Tuesday, March 19, 2002

maggie doesn't have black hair

i woke up this morning. twice.

the first time was at seven o'clock, for my eight thirty dentist appointment. i honestly have not been to the dentist in probably two years. everytime i try to make an appointment they are always booked for months, at which time i will no longer be in virginia. so a week ago, i called to make an appoinment. they told me that they had an opening on monday morning or that the next opening was not until may. i took the monday one. i woke up, went in to the bathroom, looked into the mirror and debated whether or not to take a shower, whether or not to go to the dentist. sleep just felt so nice and it was just such a beautiful dreary, rainy morning - the perfect type for never getting out of bed. my bed was the coziest place on earth. thoughts of drilling, of cheeks spread wide, of gloved hands prying around my mouth, of spitting into that thing, of alligator clips and bibs. and then there was the alternative: my warm, cozy, dry bed, with a wet, wild, wild cat stevens world outside. i couldn't decide right then but i knew if i took a shower i would be awake, so i ate some breakfast first. a bowl of cereal and the morning paper. it was too beautiful a day to waste spending it any other place than in the comfort of my warm bed. so i called in sick to the dentist and hopped back into my bed and slept for about four more hours before waking up for the second time at eleven for work.

when i got to work, sujatha told me that someone had come to visit me this morning and that they left me a note. exciting!!! it was a good ol' fashioned note from rebecca that reminded me of so many good times - of ten thousand sloppy handwritten notes from rebecca on any loose peice of my paper in my room at new college. of fun times. of late night adventures. midnight bike rides.

today, i decided to document the music at work, it's a muzak station and is sort of high-art easy listening sometimes and other times just plain crap. i made a songlist, but of course, i somehow left this at work along with names of numerous cute boys that i wrote down after looking at their credit cards. but i remember the first and last song on my list. first was aimee mann's "save me." last was elton john's "your song." and between was lots of sound alike sades and frank sinatras and billie hollidays with occasional marvin gaye, beach boys, fleetwood mac, hall and oates, and lots of bad bad slow jammy stuff.

a man set off the sensor alarms as he walked out the door so i yelled at him to come back and he did. and then i looked in his bag but didn't see anything in it. and then he patted his leg and said it was his leg plate. for some reason, i did not think this was completely ridicolous and was like okay, but then gary came out at that moment and looked into his bag and saw tons of stuff. including the clock off our wall. how out of control is that? he stole a clock off a wall - i am not even that o.o.c. gary tried to make him stay and was holding on to him, but he escaped and took off down the street before we even had time to call the police. i think gary was mad at me for not helping catch the man when he ran away. i felt like i should have but i was ringing up customers and was sort of offput by the absurdity of the whole situation.

then i remembered that i was going to ask gary about this catherine girl. now did not seem like the best time, so i waited until it was too late until he was leaving when i asked him. and he was like oh yeah, i don't remember her last name, but she said she knew you. now i was even more intrigued and asked him if he remembered what she looked like. he said yeah. "Yeah". - what kind of fucking answer is that? - tell me what she looked like dude. so, i ask him if she had curly blonde hair thinking that it'd be the anna-maria catherine. and he was like, nope, black. black hair? what? who could this be?

after gary left, i snuck into his office to see if i could find the applications. i found them, but did not find a catherine anybody's application. i did however find an even more surprising application. one from a "Margaret Ray." maggie ray? now i was real confused and wondering if they were just confused about the name and the hair color or if a catherine from new college applied in addition to maggie ray. and i would be so excited if maggie ray worked there.


the foundry theater randomly shut down last week because loews didn't think it was profitable enough. i am steaming mad about this. the three dollar movie theater that showed hip, old movies is gone. i had meant to go see mullholland drive one more time there on the big screen but i kept putting it off. i had also been waiting for amelie to come there, but i guess now that's never going to happen. god, i hate loews. i hate it when movie theaters close. i really cannot think of anything sadder than a non-operating movie theater. there was a beautiful old movie theather that was vacant in laconia, new hampshire that i looked at just about every time i passed it with dreams of people sitting in there. vibrant life. the entire world shown to people on these screens and now they are just blank. seats empty. it's like a flat earth with beautiful things being thrown over the edge in fits of rage and an emptier and uglier world exists and something's missing. seeing a happy dog wag its tail and remembering that you used to have a dog and he used to be the most wonderful thing on earth, and you should get another one. hearing your mom talk about juicy lucy's and wishing you would have eaten them too, now they are nowhere to be found, gone with juicy lucy. on king street in old town, the movie theather is boarded and closed and for sale, and i fear that another magical place will be turned into a cvs or a starbucks, and we'll throw more stuff over the edge for no good reason. the biograph is now a cvs. the key that i went to a few times with sarah in high school is now something stupid. and now the last theater that i felt an emotional attachment to is also ka-poot. loews is bulding a twelve screen theater a few blocks away, but i know it is not going to be a three dollar theater because it is going to show new movies and all. and foundry - you are missed.


my nerve horoscope for the week is pretty exciting:
"You'll be hot shit this week. At least, you'll think you're hot shit, and really, isn't that half the battle?"

true that.

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