Friday, March 29, 2002

mary, mary, quite contrary

ty left his wallet in my car yesterday, and mary wanted to pick it up this morning. well, i get a call from her telling me that she is in jail and to just put the wallet in the mailbox of her old house, where new people are now living. i wanted to know the jail story, which i assume is probably highly exaggerated since mary is the drama queen of drama queens, but she real explain it later ("long story"), and tells me to bury the wallet some place where she can find it. bury it, she keeps on exclaiming. i finally am convinced to put it in her old house's mailbox even though i am sure that it is not going to work out well.

already running late for work, i go to her old house, and of course there are people in the front yard doing lawn work. totally a bad idea. i knew it would not work. so, i just leave it in my glove compartment at the metro station. at work, i leave a message on mary's machine detailing where it is. i just got off of work and it was (and is) still in the glove compartment. so, after i finish this i will give her a call.

today at work when we were closing, this super cute bike messenger boy asked me if we had any produce we were going to throw away. me and evelyn had already raided the produce, but i was going to find produce this boy could have even though this is grade a not allowed by yes, but no scary people were working who would yell at me. so, i gave him this huge box of bad onions and bad potatos that not even evelyn and i wanted. i gave him bad bananas and more onions and what i really wanted to give him was love love love and hugs. the onions would have to do since i was a wuss and he was most likely straight, but i could damn sure imbue those onions and potatos with all my offers of love since i couldn't give him any of that bob marley "goood, goood loving - i want to give you some good good loving." and bike messenger boy distributes food to 26 houses, he said. and boy oh boy do i want a boy to hug and make me feel loved.

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