Wednesday, March 27, 2002

let me see that...

and oh god, i thought i would update now for no particular reason other than the fact that aaron mcgrudder is too on the mark. in "the boondocks," he gave sisqo the most embarassing black person of the year award - and right now i see why sisqo was granted that distinction. watching snl reruns on comedy central. sisqo's awfulness brought me out of what was otherwise a wonderful tired horniness, daydreaming about jimmy fallon, who was hillary swank in one skit and it was just too good an impression.

and i had a beer with pizza, which made me even more tired, and even more silly. i seriously made out with my wrist while watching jimmy fallon in a way too serious manner, that i now tell myself (and you, the reader) was all in jest. but the sad truth of the matter is that it was not in jest at all - i was that much wanting to make out with someone and that much horny and goddamn i want some action. some uh uh uh and some cock basically.

i went with my mom to visit my dad in the hospital tonight. he has been in there the last week while they adjust his medicine. his feet were so swollen, big like mine were when i got bitten by a spider my second year. today was foggy and rainy, and the weather is so fickle these early spring days. i really sort of love it. i waited in the car when my mom went into safeway to grab some groceries. parked under streetlamps. my feet were resting on the dashboard and weird, trippy shadows of the water dropping against and then moving down the windshield reflected on to my skin. on to my legs. drops of water touching me. but not my body. the lava lamp of my legs and regrowing leg hair and water movement and drop and drop and death and life.

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